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TEAM                      Saeed Dornajafi, Jeffrey rynes, Shayna Cini, Lantian Zhang

ROLE                      Designer         

PROFESSORS        Robert Dunay, Nathan King, Chip Clark

LOCATION             New York City, USA

YEAR                      2016

Timber in the City competition challenged students to design a mid-rise, mixed-use complex. Through the use of post-tensioned timber, reclaimed wooden scaffold boards, and concrete and timber composite systems, the following project explores the use of engineered wood products in redeveloping part of Manhattan’s lower east side. This redevelopment has the primary goal of improving the quality of life for the residents in an economical and innovative way.

Adjacent to Broome Street, a tall residential block rises from the streets below. To accommodate modular apartment units within the residential block,  a concrete jointed timber frame is utilized which uses steel rebar and concrete to resist shear forces.

Modular cross-laminated timber apartment units are then pre-fabricated on the adjacent empty building site near Clinton Street, and inserted into the concrete jointed timber frame.

Timber in the City 

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