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Vol 02 - The Cross

One of my favorite spots in La Tourette was the central courtyard! A space surrounded by fore massive buildings, which none of them share the same exterior face. Wondering around in the courtyard, one cannot miss the striking form of the oratory; A pyramid sit on a cube supported by a reinforced concrete cross. Why walls and not columns? Why crossed walls? What I find very interesting about this structure is that the corners of the cube are not supported by any vertical element! Instead, the middle axes are sit on two cross walls. This is for sure not a traditional way of supporting the roof! This structure ,by all means, suggests a modern structure which manifests how the traditional notion of supporting the corners of the roof can be challenged.

The cross was an inspiration for a new cube project! However, I accentuated on the cross and made it the highlight of the form. The core of the structure!

Two other projects that I had in mind when designing the form were:

1. Phillips Exeter library by Kahn

2. Bait ur Rouf Mosque by Marina Tabassum


More photos:

And they always say: Turn it upside down! It always works!


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