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October 2, 2016

Cube is simply a way of studying form in architecture. It is an inspiration that will lead to new forms. It starts with taking an element or simply a detail of a building that I visit or study, and ultimately turning it to a building within the dimensions of a cube. 


This cube is introduced as a three dimensional unit that provides a frame to shape the forms. This volume, which can be conceived at different scales, is considered an empty space with a set of constraints, and the goal is to fill this void with a new form inspired by a specific building. 


The first building that I have designed is based on the Le Corbusier Pavilion in Zurich. Something that I found fascinating about this building was the amazing complexity that the roof of this structure had to it. 





As a result, I studied this geometry and turned it to a form for my first a x a x a project:







 Physical model: 












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