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Saeed Dornajafi

Saeed Dornajafi began his studies at Shiraz Azad University School of Arts and Architecture, where he received his Bachelor’s degree in Architecture in 2013. He served as an undergraduate teaching assistant while he was in school, and later gained the experience of practicing architecture in Iran for a year. Immigrating to the United States in 2014, Saeed started working at Martins Construction Corp where he had the opportunity of working in the field of heavy construction. Later in 2015, he began his Master’s degree in Architecture at Virginia Tech College of Architecture and Urban Studies.

Saeed considers himself lucky to have played a role in challenging opportunities at Virginia Tech such as being part of the design team of the Prince William County Eco Facility, and also helping the Center for Design Research (CDR) with building the Autodesk University Lo-Fab Pavilion.

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