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Prince William County Eco Facility

TEAM                      Saeed Dornajafi, Soenke Naehr, Lantian Zhang, Kevin Lee, Aaron Kanapesky, Yunting Lin, Zueyan Han  

ROLE                      Lead designer         

PROFESSORS        Robert Dunay, Nathan King, Chip Clark

LOCATION             Manassas, VA, USA

YEAR                      2015

The process of dumping, crushing, and covering vast quantities of debris in designated zones provides an unusual context to situate a building. The transformation of waste material, discards of daily life, into grass covered hills demands attention both for its necessity and undesirability. No one knows what will happen to this landscape once the landfill is full decades hence, but the goal of this new intervention is to provide educational moments, making the journey an attribute toward sustainability.

The siting of the building establishes its presence through a sequence of impressions by which the landscape is blocked and then revealed through a carefully constructed frame. This first impression establishes a “gateway” start of an educational experience where the processing of garbage becomes a sight to behold.

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