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Lo-Fab Pavilion

TEAM                      CDR team in collaboration with Autodesk and MASS Design Group. Full list of team members  

ROLE                      Builder, Computational design assistant         

PROFESSORS        Robert Dunay, Nathan King, Chip Clark

LOCATION             Las Vegas, NV, USA

YEAR                      2015

Autodesk University Pavilion is a locally fabricated structure constructed by students of Virginia Tech as a collaboration between MASS Design Group, Virginia Tech’s Design Research (CDR), Autodesk and Rudabega. This project was led by Nathan King, Virginia Tech faculty, who represented both MASS Design and Virginia Tech. Students came together from different fields and diferent years to fabricate the structre and ultimately assemble it in Autodesk University 2015 in Vegas, NV. 

Lo-Fab pavilion demonstrates the efficacy of the use of short structural members to design and build long span structures. Using Dynamo and industrial robots provided the opportunity of designing and fabricating joints and structure memberes that are completely different in size and variation.

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